The Pinch – Edition 48 – Homecoming feat. Jesse Brede


January 1st, 2006

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I was invited to do a guest mix on Radio Apov’s show “The Pinch”. Below is my trackling, links to my mix and my interview. Check out Radio APOV for more great sets from Texas DJs and Band. I have to say, APOV is one of the most interesting groups of guys in Austin currently. Their shows feature all types of music and they really strive to give you the info behind each track. Alex T, Che and DFo aka Denny aka Grand Slam, have endless amounts of music with the knowledge to back it up.


Jesse Brede’s Playlist

Jesse Brede’s Set: Listen or Download

The Pinch: Name, age, occupation and where you reside?
Jesse Brede: 25, Site Manager for and, DJ, Sound Engineer, Austin, Tx.

The pinch: How you came about doing what you do?
Jesse Brede: I got started working with computers and DJing in 1998 after moving to Austin to go to school at the University of Texas and lived at the infamous Taos Coop on 26th and Guadalupe. I helped start the DJ crew The SemiAudiks and ran a weekly for about a year and a half. I started a sound rental company with another guy and also did sound engineering, lighting and visuals at Texture night club. I was brought into the more mainstream DJ scene after Lance Cashion asked me to become part of Slow Motion Music in 2001. I got my previous day job and current day job both through music connections.

The pinch: What are your major artistic influences, your background?
Jesse Brede: Chris Fortier, The Motavaders, my mother, Tool, DJ Shadow. I had a couple bands in high school and still really love rock music. James Maynard Keenan from Tool and A Perfect Circle is someone that I admire and respect a lot.

The pinch: What shows, magazines, or artists mark your evolution?
Jesse Brede: I brought Chris Fortier to Austin on Feb. 14th 200 for the 1 year Anniversary of the SemiAudiks Weekly at Club Meneo. Meeting Chris and experiencing his professionalism was a major influence in showing me that a person could be a DJ in a very respectable and pure way. I would also say that Feedback magazine helped me track my and Austin’s electronic music. I also say Tool play with King Crimson in Berkley California at a 3k person venue. My dad was a huge King Crimson fan and to see the show with my father and introduce him to Tool was a once in a lifetime experience.

Any upcoming (personal) projects you might have in mind?
Jesse Brede: I am beginning to do some production. Ableton Live is an amazing program.

If all doors were open, what label would you like to be part of?
NOT Universal music. They are the devil.

The pinch: The last outstanding set you heard? A show that blew your mind?
James Zabiela at Barcelona.

The pinch: What store (physical or virtual) would you recommend for record shopping? Why is that?
Jesse Brede: I’m a web nerd. The site is fast and easy to find what you are looking for.

Why Dj’ing/prod?
Its what all the kids are doing these days.

The pinch: The thing you despise the most about the scene?
Jesse Brede: Those fucking Armani glasses that people wear inside the clubs. I want to break them and make them eat them.

The pinch: How do you feel about U.S foreign policy these days?
Is that a joke?

The pinch: What deodorant do you use?
Jesse Brede: I’m a pretty sweat free guy. I tend not to wear deodorant unless I am working out.

The pinch: Favorite cartoon show?
Family Guy and Aqua Teen.

The pinch: What keeps you up and going? Your motavation?
Jesse Brede: I love new experiences. Anything that can help me learn something about people or myself is a worthy endeavor.

Book recommendation?
Anything by Tom Robbins.

The pinch: Someone that kicks ass that we should know of and don’t?
My mom.

The pinch: Anyone you feel like thanking?
Jesse Brede: Lance Cashion, Apov, Alex Thurlow for putting up with all my shit, Che, The SemiAudiks
1) Overtone – “Give It Again (Inverse Cinematics Remix)”
Label: Redbud Recordings

2) Boswick Gates – “You are the Reason”
Label: Colourforums

3) King Dub Rock – “In The Party (Tom Real & Rogue Element Remix)”
Label: Functional

4) DJ T, Freestyle Man – “Acid Bath ”
Label: Moodmusic

5) Colder – “To the Music”
Label: Heat

6) Apollo Kids – “King of the Beats”
Label: Fat

7) Trentemoller – “Beta Boy”
Label: Out of Orbit

8) Suicide Sports Club – “I Don’t Know Feat The Deat Rabbits (Loose Cannons Towerblock Dub)”
Label: B_Rock

9) Peace Divison – “Blacklight Sleaze feat Pleasant Gehman”
Label: NRK

All of The Pinch affiliates would like to thank Jesse Brede for coming over and kicking it with us on Sunday afternoon. Jesse, we sincerely regret taking so long in extending you an invite, we’ll have to get together again soon to make up for it…



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