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November 21st, 2007

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I’m insanely political right now; the war, the environment, 49 million uninsured americans, the housing market, the falling dollar, torture, Jena Six, raped Saudi women being flogged and Iran’s nukes have my head spinning with worry and frustration with our current administration. Traditionally, electronic music seems to steer clear of politics but I’d be happy to see more promoters and DJs voicing their opinions and using their platform to at least bring issues to light. A good example of this was the Involved event that I played in September which raised over 5k for Unicef. I’d love to see more events being put on with a focus on education and nonprofit fund raising rather just for people to get drugged and drunk. That being said, nothing in this mix has anything political to say, but I thought I would get started by just writing down my thoughts. This mix will air on Proton on Nov. 23 from 2-4 CST.

Stream Download

1 Dirt Cew – Manoeuvres – Motorcitysoul Remix [Kling Klang]
2 Far East Band – The Call Up Feat. Suzie (Klee) – Martin Buttrich Rework [Four Music]
3 Federico Molinari – Enerverende – Damian Schwartz Remix [Oslo]
4 Marcel Janovsky – Okay – Original Mix [Treibstoff]
5 Kamisshake – Dark Beat – Deadmau5 Vocal Mix [Azuli]
6 Johnny Fiasco – Hijacked – Audiojack Remix [Control Recordings]
7 Federico Molinari – Takk Brett – Original Mix [Oslo]
8 D.O.N.S., Dbn – The Nighttrain Feat. Kadoc – Original Mix [Kingdom Kome Cuts]
9 Dusty Kid – Mantrakoma – Original Mix [Kling Klong]
10 Layo & Bushwacka – Saudade Remix Feat. Jesse Monroe – Original Mix [Olmeto Records]
11 Bs As Deep, K-Pax – Portable Fingers – Joy Marquez Remix [Display Recordings]
12 Gui Boratto – U-Bahn – Original Mix [Audiomatique Recordings]
13 Pan-Pot – Faces Feat. Vincenzo – Original Mix [Mobilee Records]

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