Deadmau5 in the studio


December 19th, 2007

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Deadmau5 in the Studio

Deadmau5 in the Studio

Deadmau5 has been killing the electronic music scene since 2007.  I believe he’s had more top 10 beatport tracks than anyone else.  He just came off a year and half tour across the globe and release 3 LP’s in 2009.  When does this guy sleep?

I found this great picture of his current studio since his rocket to fame.  Clearly, he spent som big monies on his new setup.  I love all the modular synths and outboard gear.  You can catch him on stickam from time to time, follow mau5 on twitter and he’ll let you know.  Here’s his page. The two videos are older but show a few incarnations of his studio. The 2nd video is worth a look even if its just to listen to Chris Lake describe the gear.

Deadmau5's new mega studio

Deadmau5's new mega studio

I found a list of the gear that was used on his recent albums:

  • Computers, DAW/recording software
    • Ableton Live software
    • (2) Apple MacBook Pro
    • Custom PC: Quad Core 3.2 gig Intel CPU, Alesis motherboard, 5 TB hard drive
    • FL Studio software
    • Steinberg Cubase software
  • Synths, software, plug-ins
    • Moog Little Phatty, Minimoog and Minimoog Voyager synths
    • Native Instruments Reaktor, Kontakt, Battery and Traktor software
    • Propellerhead Reason Thor and Subtractor soft synths
    • Roland Juno-106 synth
    • Sequential Circuits Prophet T8 synth
  • Effects
    • Moog Moogerfoogers: MF-101 Low Pass Filter, MF-102 Ring Modulator, MF-103 12-Stage Phaser, MF-104Z Analog Delay, MF-105 MuRF, MF-107 FreqBox, CP-251 Control Processor
  • Controllers, DJ mixer
    • Allen & Heath Xone: 4D DJ Mixer and Controller
    • JazzMutant Lemur
    • Monome 256
    • Percussa AudioCubes
    • Pioneer DJM-800 DJ mixer
  • Monitors
    • Genelec 8050As




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