10 Years of Bedrock: John Digweed mixes “Bedrock 10 Past, Present and Future”


September 19th, 2008

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10 Years of Bedrock - John Digweed

10 Years of Bedrock - John Digweed

I read today on Filter27 that Digweed is putting out a new compilation to celebrate the 10th anniversary of Bedrock Records.  I can still remember the feeling I had when I popped in that first Bedrcok mix.  It was house but with an edge and a tribal rhythm that was both sexual and dangerous.  Many have tried but I still think Digweed is the best at creating that dark mood.  Here’s the article from Check the Heaven Scent video at the bottom of the post.

To coincide with the tenth anniversary of Bedrock parties in London and the fast approaching 10th anniversary of Bedrock Records; John Digweed releases the triple-disc mix Bedrock 10 Past, Present and Future through his own Bedrock Records. Compiling and mixing a stunning collection of remixes that shine new light on the label’s back catalogue alongside the cuts that are currently representing the distinguished Bedrock sound.

CD’s 1 and 2 are mixed by the man himself. The third disc is an unmixed affair and features original tracks from Funk d’Void, Jim Rivers and Charlie May (Pindrop) plus unreleased remixes from Guy Gerber, POB, and Chab.

The compilation will be released in October through Bedrock Records.

01. Fortunatro & Montresor – Imagine (Estroe Remix)
02. Pole Folder & CP – Dust (Charlie Mayhem Cold Shoulder Dub)
03. Tom Mangan – Chutney (Tom Mangan 2008 Remix)
04. Steve Lawler – Rise’in (Steve Lawler Powder Powder Remix)
05. Bedrock – Santiago (Chab Remix)
06. John Digweed – Warung Beach (Jamie Stevens Remix)
07. Bedrock – Emerald (Seismic Dub)
08. Gutterstylz – Dirtbox (Bruce Aisher’s Resurrection Rewind)
09. Science Dept – Repercussion (Danny Howells Remix)
10. Bedrock – Beautiful Strange (John Digweed & Nick Muir’s Even Stranger Remix)
11. Guy J – Save Me (James Talk Remix)
12. Bedrock – Heaven Scent (M.O.D.E. remix)

CD 2:

01. Bedrock- Forge (Tom Middleton Remix)
02. Guy J – Lunar
03. Jim Rivers – Empathy
04. Saints & Sinners – Pushin Too Hard (Bruce Aisher Remix)
05. Christian Smith – Flyer Talk
06. Moonface – U Get So Give (Paolo Mojo Remix)
07. Shmuel Flash – Chilling Moments (Kazell Influx Audio Remix)
08. John Digweed & Nick Muir – Aquatonic
09. Misstress Barbara – K10 (Alan Fitzpatrick Remix)
10. Tom Mangan – Chutney (Size 9 Reinterpretation)
11. Guy Gerber – Stoppage Time (Outro Edit)

CD 3:

01. Bradler & Dualton – Six Hours Later (Original Mix)
02. Pole Folder & CP – Dust (Charlie Mayhem Cold Shoulder Dub)
03. Fortunato & Montresor – Imagine (Estroe Remix)
04. Morgan Page & Gregory Shiff feat. Astrid Suryanto – All I Know (Jim Rivers Space Disco Remix)
05. Nick Muir – Gravitation
06. Steve Lawler – Rise In (Steve Lawler Powder Powder Remix Edit)
07. Bedrock – Santiago (Guy Gerber Hotrod Dub)
08. Funk D’Void & Toby Izui – Sensei
09. Pindrop – Madhouse
10. Guy J – Lunar (Late Night Friday Remix)

Bedrock – John Digweed – Heaven Scent
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