DeadMau5 USB Head – The future of DJ and Event Promotion


September 25th, 2008

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Deadmau5 at Ultrafest 2008

Deadmau5 at Ultrafest 2008

More amazing Deadmau5 photos at:

Update: He’s now selling this:

Here’s what comes on it:

DEADMAU5 USB Mau5 Heads.This ingenious little replica mau5 head lights up when plugged in to your computer, and contains live and press photo’s and a 1 hour mix from the man himself!

It measures 6 inches in circumference around the “head” part and four inches from ear to ear :)

Deadmau5 Music on Custom USB Flash Drive

I’m so bored with CDs as a form of promotion.  Sure they are cheap and easy to get now but they lack the something special that people remember.  Here’s an idea that I’ve wanted to do for a while.  USB thumb drives are so much cooler, especially when they are shaped like a red mouse head.I grabbed this article for You can read more about it here too.

Toronto DJ Deadmau5 (pronounced ” Dead Mouse”) loads a creative mouse head USB flash drive with content. It includes an hour-long live audio mix, content, video content and Deadmau5 wallpaper.

New York (PRWEB) September 16, 2008 — Don’t be surprised when you begin seeing desk and laptops with a bright red, smiling mouse head connected to its USB port. It’s the latest collaboration between Deadmau5 and technology new-comer Aderra Inc.

Toronto DJ phenom Deadmau5 turned to Aderra Inc when he was trying to find a new way to reach his fans. His search resulted in a bright red smiling Deadmau5 head loaded with Deadmau5 and Ergophobia content created by Aderra Inc “Live Events in a Flash”™.

Deadmau5 used Aderra’s recording and duplication platform for his live performance in New York on July 18th at the Fillmore. Immediately following the Ergophobia sponsored event, attendees were handed a whimsical mouse head that contained a live recording of his DJ set along with additional marketing material from both Deadmau5 and Ergophobia all on an easy to use flash drive.

” We worked directly with Deadmau5 to exactly replicate the signature mouse head mask he wears in a USB flash drive. Along with the live music recording and hilarious videos of Deadmau5 in London and Miami, sponsors Ergo Phobia included computer wallpapers of the latest designs from their clothing line.” – Ed Donnelly, President

In addition to “Live Events in a Flash”™ technology, Aderra has been making waves in pre-loaded content delivery as well. Aderra USB flash drives were recently summoned as a branding vehicle for Sony Television Entertainment which used the platform to deliver a Seinfeld branded USB wristband pre-loaded with Seinfeld content. The Seinfeld wristbands have been passed out across the country to college students nationwide with hopes of introducing the brand to a new fan base.

It’s been apparent for several years that advertisers are aware of the power of the Internet. Aderra Inc. USB flash drives now offers advertisers a way to capture offline users and deliver them directly to the content and online destinations of their choice.

Deadmau5 immediately understood the power of Aderra’s USB technology platform and jumped on the opportunity to promote his live performance as well as his sponsor Ergophobia.






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