Etienne De Crecy Light Show (Justice and Daft Punk had a kid)


February 20th, 2009

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Taken straight from I’m a Deckhead, thanks to Robby for sending it to me.This is one of the sickest light/stage shows I’ve ever seen.  I visually masturbated to this and I think I popped a lense at the end.  I have an appointment with my optometrist next week, please wear protection when viewing this.  So excited about the Future Music Festival lineup. Particularly about Etienne De Crecy. Don’t believe me?

The first track is taken from a live set of his which I picked up somewhere. The second is taken from Super Discount 2, a bunch of tracks by Etienne and friends. It’s a little bit old, but track it down for some quality European electronic music.



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