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February 21st, 2009

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Studio Production Tips, Tutorials and Free Sounds

Studio Production Tips, Tutorials and Free Sounds

A list of tutorials that I’ve found over the years.  Total mess, I’m going to clean this up one day.


  • VSTs – alchemy, zebra, sylenth, ozone, camelphat, synplant, microtonic, massive, audioacustica’s nebula ( which is kinda cheating cos it could be almost anything), filterscape va – great sounds and scultping without needing to be a synth expert, bootsies density mkII – it gels everything together so nicely and its free, uhbik, redline reverb (beautiful), vintage warmer, albino3, PSP Vintage Warmer I, Waves SSL Comp + EQ, Omnisphere, VSTi: Alchemy, Crystal, Lazy Snake/OatmealVST: epicVerb, CMT Bitcrusher/MBK, PSP Nitro
  • VST: famisynth, synth1, resonance (itchy)
    VSTi: Tridirt (free multiband distortion plugin), Voxengo Tube Amp, Supertrigger, Crystal
    Alpha, Zebra
  • VSTi: Alchemy, Omnisphere, Battery
  • VST: PSP VintageWarmer, PSP Nitro, AudioDamage Dubstation, massive, shcope, operator, NI Massive
  • NI Battery, Zebra
  • Sonalksis 315, Izotope Ozone, PSP Nitro, Battery, FilterscapeVA, Guitar Rig, Sylenth1,PSP Stereo Widener, Absynth
  • Vanguard
  • QuadraSID
  • zeta+
  • Alchemy
  • Zebra
  • Sylenth
  • Operator 8
  • Sampler
  • Synplant
  • Microtonic
  • Effects:
  • Uhbik/U-he, Audio Damage, Ohm Force, Fabfilter, PSP Audioware, camel audio, 112db reverb + EQ, CSR, Toraverb, dblue stretch, the list goes on
  • vsti-oatmeal
  • surge
  • sylenth1
  • blittr
  • watkat
  • oblique
  • Instrument
  • Ableton Operator
  • Sylenth
  • Zebra II
  • FX
  • Sugar Bytes Artillery II
  • SupaTrigga
  • Lives Reverb
  • Instrument:
  • Surge
  • Sylenth
  • Ableton Sampler
  • FX:
  • UAD (all of them haha)
  • Audio damage Adverb
  • Interruptor Delay plugs



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