Adam Freeland talks about his new full-length album Cope


March 31st, 2009

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Freeland intends the groundbreaking new full-length Cope™ , to be more than just another electronica album. ‘I wanted to make more than just another artist project,’ Freeland explains. ‘I always saw Cope™ as a band album more than just another DJ slapping together a bunch of random club grooves. I wanted to create songs I could play live, not just spin.’ Cope™ does have its share of boldfaced guests -everyone from the Pixies’ Joey Santiago and Spinnerette’s Brody Dalle to Jerry Casale of DEVO and Tommy Lee -not to mention Freeland’s trademark banging electro beats; however, at the album’s core are the songs he wrote and performed with new vocalist Kurt Baumann, also the frontman in his eponymous new group who make their UK concert debut in April 2009. ‘The new songs combine electronic grooves with shoegaze guitars, real drums, and songwriting, so they begged to be performed live,’ Freeland says. To that end, he put together the touring unit of Baumann on bass, ! guitar and vocals and Hayden Scott (Pop Levi) on drums, with Freeland himself triggering samples, playing rude Korg MS-20 synth lines, and taking lead vocals on the band’s thundering, take-no-prisoners cover of Grinderman’s ‘No Pussy Blues’; together, they transform classic Freeland club bangers like ‘We Want Your Soul’ into smart bombs that detonate the dancefloor but defy genre. ‘I’ve always mixed rock into my sets anyway, so having a band is just a natural progression from that,’ he clarifies. ‘Freeland has all the hard-hitting grooves of my DJ sets, but played live they’re even more raw, personal and in your face. This is the sound I’ve always heard in my head, so now I want to hear it as loud as possible!’



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