RAW – April 2009 – Ableton Live in full effect


April 23rd, 2009

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I recently bought a Mac Book Pro. I upgraded to Albeton 8 and I’ve been spending some serious time in the studio.  I’ve always DJed using either turntables or cd players.  I’ve used CD players for the last two years along with Serato.  I really enjoy Serato because it opened me up to play any and all genres.  In fact, I don’t even think about genres any more, I can just mash songs together and see how they come out.

With my move to Ableton, I’m really just trying to push my boundaries and self imposed limitations.  Live allows you to look sections of a track, skip parts all together and really dig into each and every track and make it your own.  Re-Edits are super easy, pretty much every track because a re-edit.  I can lay a 8 bar loop of an electro track on top of a deep house track and it becomes a whole new song.

The mix is by no means perfect and I’m sure no more or less people will like or dislike it.  The point is that I’m trying to keep myself interested and motivated in djing by exploring technology.  I’m looking forward to the APC-40 and playing with Ableton in front of people.

Jesse Brede - RAW - April

Download mix here.


  1. Unspoken – A.M. Architect
  2. Natri Ba Makon – The Apples
  3. Keep Your Shirt On – Hint & Laura Vane
  4. Double Barrel Name (Siriusmo remix) – Jahcoozi
  5. Musik Right Now – Nanda
  6. 64 Bytes (Vibesquad Remix) – EPROM
  7. Dawn Patrol – Vibesquad
  8. Caveman – Nanda
  9. Kilometer (A-Trak Dub) – Sebastien Tellier
  10. Slip (Sebastien Leger) – Deadmau5
  11. We are the People (Kotchy Remix ) – Empire of The Sun
  12. What You Need (The Proxy Remix) – Tiga
  13. Loose My Breath – Unknown
  14. UP – Alex Kenji
  15. This is the Hook – BSOD
  16. To the Point – Chris Lake
  17. Forza – Zombie Nation
  18. Baby’s On Fire (D.I.M. Remix) – Benjamin Diamond
  19. Pool Party – Shazam
  20. Bitches (Zombie Disco Squad Remix) – Killa Queenz
  21. Gunin My Side (Joe and Will Ask Remix) – Lowline
  22. High Maintenance – Danny Jay
  23. Love Lockdown (Coma Remix) – Kanye West



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