Maynard sells wine in Austin, Heavy Metal Parking Lot Part 2


May 5th, 2009

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Maynard Wine

A few weeks ago, I got a text from a buddy saying Maynard would be doing a wine signing at Whole Foods in Austin. I’m a big fan and enjoy red wine as much as the next guy so I figured why not. I head to Whole Foods with my buddy Alex and we pick up a number, I think I was number 265 or something. At around 5:30, we head back up to Whole Foods to find a parking lot of Tool fans, young and old. Lots of black tshirts and pants, chains, tats and piercings. Alex and I waited in line for close to an hour and a half, right before we got to get our bottles signed, Maynard takes a break. Waited another 20 minutes and finally got to meet him. I had been to LA a few weeks back and had gone to Silverlake Wine with my buddy Tyler who lives in Silverlake now. Apparently, Maynard sold some of his first cases of wine to Silverlake Wine and the side story to that is pretty hilarious but I’ll save that for another time. I walk up to Maynard and explain that I had met a buddy of his and he gives me an expected smart ass answer of, “Oh, yeah, how was he?”, I say good and not having any else to say, take my $120 worth of wine and leave. All that being said, Maynard wasn’t rude or mean, I think he probably just gets fed up with some of the people that are coming to worship/see him. On the other hand, he also probably drove away with a dump truck of money that day so I’m not gonna burst into tears anytime soon. All that being said, watch this great video of a movie call “Heavy Metal Parking Lot”. God Bless Rock and Fucking Roll.



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