Various Production Mix


May 26th, 2009

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Various DJ Mix

Taken from A Shaving Of The Horn That Speared You

Finally some decent length mixes this week, the first is an awesome dubstep mix from Various Production. You never know what you’re going to get with these guys and this mix is no different. Although being around since pretty much the start of dubstep, VP seem to come across as outsiders, maybe because they have an edginess to their tunes that’s not present in most of the dancefloor orientated dubstep coming out of the UK. And also because their first album had a few tracks that were just vocal and acoustic guitar, something you wouldn’t find on a Benga album that’s for sure…

Highlights include the synth heaven of Starman and the insane Drink It featuring MC Vex. And the vocal track near the end is MC Vex also, not Mike Skinner…

Various Production – ‘Nothing’
Various Production – ‘Starman’
Unknown – ‘Untitled’
Various Production feat Mc Vex – ‘Drink it’
Various Production – ‘Mug’
Gun Jack – ‘Ghetto Blaster’
Various Production – ‘Composite’
Modeselektor – ‘Black Block’ [Rustie Remix]
Various Production Feat Mc Vex – ‘Dan’s Time’
Various Production – ‘Untitled’
Reso (White)


Also found this one on his site:


Georgia’s Horse– As It Stops Raining
Lord Skywave–My name is Lord skywave (Unreleased various production remix)
Joker – 80’s
Joker – Hollybrook Park
Various Production – Mixput
Thom Yorke – Analyse (Various production remix)
Various production – tr003
Various production and Gerry Mitchell – the invisible lodger pt 3
Max Richter – This Picture Of Us. P.
Jonquill – Lions
Punajaw-Haven (Various Production remix)
Various production and Gerry Mitchell– North
Various production and Gerry Mitchell– idiot Box
Lone wolf – Low Rider
Terry Keeley – Mendz
Lory D – Ghill
Benga – 26 Baselines
Lory D – Bobby Remix
Various Production – The Knock
Various Production – Gone
Slugabed- Superphreak



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