Etienne de Crecy Live at Matter, London


June 8th, 2009

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Amazing video of Etienne de Crecy at Matter in London.

Here’s Matter’s description of the club and their approach to technology, sound, visuals, etc…

It’s a matter of fact…
..that from September 2008, London nightlife has experienced a change.

A three floor, 32,737 square feet, 2,600 capacity regeneration to be exact, in the shape of a ground breaking and unique new venue.

Named matter, it’s a purpose built space designed to offer an advanced new proposition for both live music and club nights in London. Created specifically to encompass new and bespoke levels of technology and comfort, matter is an as yet unparalleled platform for any artist performing in our capital city and every music lover there for the show.

The commitment has been made to create a venue that can encompass user-friendly, state of the art-technology, with a meticulous and considered attention to every detail, no matter how minor. From the matchless soundproofing techniques – all the better to showcase matter’s next level sound and visual components – to the sophisticated electronic retrieval system operating in the cloakroom, it is a commitment that even extends beyond the venue, as matter provides visitors with SafeTrip, an in-house transport service that ensures secure travel from venue to home, no matter what the time may be.



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