Squarepushin on the APC 40


June 9th, 2009

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Video of what appears to be Beef Wellington using his new APC 40. He’s basically set up a drum loop on each button and then for each square set up varying effects. I think he has it on a 1/8 or 1/4 quanitization so that nothing he hits can be that off and he just sort of mashes away from there.

His comments as explaination:

It is pretty random actually, for the most part. With everything prepped correctly, it’s hard to make something that sounds bad. I know the sound is bad on the video, but if you listen to the individual clips at the beginning you can see how it is laid out. There is a kick with repeating high hat, snare with repeating high hat, which create the foundation. Then different note variations (repetitions, reverses, etc.), and the Apache loop segments to add as accents.

5 tracks of clips with outputs routed to effects track. On that track is an effects rack with Knob 1 as chain select on autofilter, beat repeat, chorus & reverb. Knobs 5, 6, 7 were for one parameter on each of the first three effects.

Some of the clips are actually doubled notes. A clip’s length cannot be shorter than a 16th note, so I made of the clips 2-32nd hits, and some 3-16th note triplets. So those fast repetitions are just prepped samples that are a 16th note duration.



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