RJD2 talks shop with Vice Magazine


November 9th, 2009

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RJD2 shows off his gear

RJD2 shows off his gear

RJD2 has been a long time favorite producer of mine. His work with Aesop Rock, Def Jux and my buddy NickNack even got to tour with him. He’s incredibly talented and also very humble. The world could use a few more artists like him. Check out this video from VICE for a look at his studio and all his nutty gear.

Here’s a press release I got in the mail the other day for RJD2 as well.

RJD2 to Give Away Free Stuff Every Week Until The Colossus Hits Stores in 2010

Limited Edition Box Set in Stores Now, Three Reissues to Hit Stores Next Month

This morning RJD2 took to his website to announce that he will be giving away free records, MP3s, and more each Monday from now through the release of his forthcoming full length, The Colossus, on January 19th, 2010.

It all kicks off with a giveaway of a super rare vinyl test pressing of “The Horror” EP, originally released in 2003 on Definitive Jux records and in line to be reissued on November 17th via RJ’s newly formed label, RJ’s Electrical Connections, now home to nearly all things RJD2 past and present.

So far this year has seen the re-release of 2001’s Your Face or Your Knee Caps on August 18th and a limited edition box set entitled RJD2 2002-2010, out last week. A strictly vinyl affair, the box set includes full length LP versions ofDeadringer, “The Horror” EP (first time on vinyl!), Since We Last Spoke, “Tin Foil Hat” EP (a brand new EP of 7 unreleased songs), a hand silk screened, signed and numbered poster, a download card for the box set content, plus a beautifully printed box.  Additionally, a space will be left in the box for The Third Hand LP released on XL Recordings in 2007 and a space for The Colossus.

“The Horror” is just one of three reissues to hit stores next month – the other two being 2002’s Deadringer, out November 3rd and 2004’s Since We Last Spoke, also out on November 17th. 

And of course topping it all off is RJD2’s new album, The Colossus, to be released on January 19th. Only time will tell what additional prizes he has up his sleeve. Until then, read RJD2’s note and enter for a chance to win here:

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