Steve Porter – Katt Williams Weed Remix


December 2nd, 2009

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DJ Steve Porter - Katt Williams Weed Remix

DJ Steve Porter - Katt Williams Weed Remix

New Remix from Steve Porter of Katt Williams talking about Weed.  Steve is hilarious, I can personally attest to his HILARITY.

I brought him down to Austin in 2008 for a gig.  The next day we hung out for a bit, took him to Whole Foods and Amy’s Ice Cream, some of Austin’s finest food and ended up at Lucy In Disguise, a costume shop, where I tried on a pink Tu Tu for Burning Man.  He was cracking jokes the whole time.  This was before he did the Slap Chop Remix and I have to say, his profile is huge since doing these remixes.  I heard that the Slap Chop people liked the video so much that it was even shown on TV as a commercial.  Good for him, here’s to your success.

Flyer from his Austin show:


Steve Porter - Austin, Tx



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