RAW – January 2010


January 20th, 2010

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RAW - January 2010

RAW - January 2010

RAW – Jesse Brede – January 2010 (Dubstep and Glitch Hop Mix) by jessebrede


It’s been two months since my last RAW mix.  Not a big deal, except that in the last two months, I’ve been to hell and back.  I herniated a disc in my back, developed shingles on my face, had spine surgery and am finally starting to recover.  Nothing like a major health issue to realign your purpose in the world.  I’m blessed to have each and everyday on this planet with the family, friends, great job and amazing city I live in.  I will not take this for granted but rather choose to contribute in every way I know how.  I hope you enjoy this mix, it was done in Ableton Live using an APC 40.  It was mixed live from start to finish with no retouches or re-edits.  I’m still getting the hang of playing in Ableton and some of the mixes are sort of rough but just like life, I’m choosing to do something new for me rather than fall back to what I know.

Much Love and here’s to an amazing 2010.


Alabaster Dub (feat. Naveen Iyer / Venkat) – Sub Swara
Vaccine – Phaeleh Remix – Atrium
Lounge – Geiomix – Phaeleh
Islands (Nosaj Thing Remix) – The XX
San Francisco (The Rhythm) – Eskmo
Airy Dub – Heyoka
Turn Away feat Dandelion – LV
Somatic Frequencies (Remix by J.Tonal of The Flying Skulls) – MO2
Constructing the Absence – Sub Swara
Come Around (Mimosa) – Collie Budz
Griot feat Samba – An-ten-nae
Brok Owt – Distinction
Fresh (Brede Mashup) – 6 Tre G
Chem – Heyoka
Im A Star (Brede Mash) – Jeremih
Gangsteppin – Marty Party
Bang That – An-ten-nae
Where is my Mind (Bassnectar Remix) – The Pixies
King Prawn – Opiou
Irma Verp feat Masia One – ill.gates, Meesha
Hammer – Vibesquad
Rock On (Nosaj Thing) – Freeland
Micron – Heyoka
Whats it Worth (Jaswho Remix) – Goddess Alchemy Project
Forever (Nosaj Thing) – Drake



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