PANTyRAiD @ ACE’s Lounge | March 5th


February 15th, 2010

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PANTyRAiD live @ Aces Lougne on March 5th

PANTyRAiD live @ Ace's Lougne on March 5th

I have the honor of sharing the stage with one of my favorite dubstep / glitch production teams on March 5th at Ace’s Lounge.  I’ll be doing an Ableton dj set and plan on putting on a few suprises.  Enough about me, here’s the details on the event.  Get your tickets early because I have a feeling this is going to sell out.



Event Details:


3.5.2010 @ Aces Lounge

PANTyRAiD (Ooah of The Glitch Mob and Marty Party)
Mad Classy
Jesse Brede


PANTyRAiD - The Sauce

PANTyRAiD - The Sauce



“The sound of underground US hip-hop getting to grips with dub-step and coming out
of the collision rather well. A rich injection of transatlantic new blood into dub-step’s
gene pool.” – Mixmag

PANTyRAiD creates songs that each hold their own
unique character and intention, with the ability to
drift over into both the classical and electronic
genres. With constant variations in beat, and an overwhelming palette of instrumentation,
audio tricks, melodies, and techniques, PANTyRAiD’s production reflects close attention to
detail, taking their audience along a lavishly ambient electronic journey. The fusion between
MartyParty and Ooah has ignited a movement that revisits the power of melodic and
instrumental composition, together inventing a formula for producing intense club tracks that
unite gorgeous, electronic soundscapes with hard-hitting, grimy beats that reference hip-hop
and dub-step, with experimental, global sounds that resonate throughout. The result is a new
flavor of urban beat – a fresh, new, sexy sound that redefines the power, relevance, and
longevity of electronic music.

“Beba” featured on PANTyRAiD’s debut release The Sauce, is a “sonic safari” with
“snapping and frozen beats [that] tear into ones mind, yet its structure and groove make this
one of the hottest tracks on [the] album. LA’s Glitch Mob has splintered both literally and
musically as these shattered hip hop beats take huge strides forward for lovers of Dilla,
Prefuse, Flylo, and the more recent wUnKy upstarts of Paul White, Rustie and Bullion”
– Clash Magazine





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