NickNack “Dearly Departed Remixed”

NickNack “Dearly Departed Remixed”


November 17th, 2010

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NickNack "Dearly Departed Remixed"

Click here to download the remix album (Name your Price)

I’m proud to present my first official release on Crowd Control Records.  When NickNack asked me if I’d like to remix one of his tunes, I jumped at the chance.  IMO, Nick is one of Austin’s most accomplished and diverse DJ/producers, doing everything from film, original production, his scratch record, Sound Craftsman, his record label, Crowd Control Records, playing with his jazz group, Blaze, and, in general, just being an amazingly talented individual with a true artistic vision.  His album, Dearly Departed, is a throwback to the days of DJ Shadow and RJD2.  It’s an emotional piece that hits on many levels.

The artists that Nick chose to do remixes, range from well known to local Austin producers, regardless of who they are, I guarantee quality on every level.

Download the album for free from Crowd Control Records.  If you have $5 to spare, the artists that worked on this truly worked hard and deserve something for their time.


  1. NickNack – “Simply Imagine (Ernest Gonzales Remix)”
  2. NickNack – “Out of Water (Inf Remix)”
  3. NickNack – “Scenic Route (Datahowler Remix)”
  4. NickNack – “Other Side (DJ DRM Remix)”
  5. NickNack – “Cascade (J Boogie Remix)”
  6. NickNack – “Stolid (DJ Apt One Remix)”
  7. NickNack – “Sultry Haven (Ruckus Roboticus Stairway To Haven Mix)”
  8. NickNack – “Strangest Secret (DJ Ayres Remix)”
  9. NickNack – “Scuff (Ntropy SpaceToadIDM Remix)”
  10. NickNack – “Stolid (Brede Remix)”
  11. NickNack – “Cascade (BoomBaptist Remix)”
  12. NickNack – “Gathering Shadow (The ARE Tron Remix)”
  13. NickNack – “Dearly Departed (B.Cause Remix)”
  14. NickNack – “Last Smile (Adrian Quesada Remix)”
  15. NickNack – “Strangest Secret (Bird Peterson Remix)”

“Dearly Departed Remixed” is new spin on NickNack’s “Dearly Departed” full length classic featuring remixes from an all star cast of producers including Ernest Gonzales, Inf, Datahowler, DJ DRM, J Boogie, DJ Apt One, Ruckus Roboticus, DJ Ayres, Ntropy, Brede, BoomBaptist, The ARE, B.Cause, Adrian Quesada and Bird Peterson. The interpretations vary from Nu Disco to Dubstep, each with its own unique twist on the original.

Stolid from NickNack on Vimeo.

Hurt You from NickNack on Vimeo.

NickNack “Strangest Secret” from NickNack on Vimeo.

NickNack “Gathering Shadow” from NickNack on Vimeo.

NickNack “Scuff” from NickNack on Vimeo.



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