The Wisdom of Reverse Brunch

The Wisdom of Reverse Brunch


February 21st, 2011

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Reverse Brunch - Austin, Tx - Jesse Brede

Oh how the weekends fly by so fast, its Friday night…snap….now its Sunday…..  When I was younger, it was all about going out on Friday and Saturday and getting as smashed as I physically could and using Sunday to sleep until 2 or 3, eat some greasy food, watch a movie and head back to bed.  As I’ve grown older, some would say wiser, the brunch and Sunday has really started to come into play.  A reasonably healthy meal with my lady and maybe an adult beverage or two really hits the spot.  Austin, Tx has no shortage of amazing restaurants to solicit for experience.   Why not have a DJ come out and play some tunes and really make a day of it?  11 AM too early for you, let’s move it to 3-6PM, now we are talking….this weekend I had the pleasure of playing such a fine event and I was sober enough and had enough daylight to actually record my set.

Thanks to Jeff Strange and the whole Strange family for hosting a great event.  It’s always a pleasure to play the softer side of my collection.

BREDE – Reverse Brunch – 2011-02-21 (469 Mb download)

[audio:|titles=BREDE  – Reverse Brunch]

Reverse Brunch - Austin, Tx




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