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Paper Diamond drops new album “Wavesight”.

Paper Diamond drops new album “Wavesight”.


May 8th, 2012

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Paper Diamond dropped a new album titled “Wavesight”. He is crazy productive and seems to push an EP or album every six months. Gotta respect his work ethic.

Download the album here.

“Paper Diamond’s sound has the capacity to make a packed dancefloor vibe as one.”

– Huffington Post

“Alex Botwin… is an all out gunslinger when it comes to unloading clock stopping soundscapes from his massive collection of fully loaded, bass filled double barrels. On Wavesight… Botwin takes a gigantic leap in his ongoing quest for world domination with a set of limitless tunes that are hotter than the inside of an active volcano. Wavesight is a speaker surging release that will move any crowd immersed in its contagious sound waves and delicious bursts.”
– The Untz

“Paper Diamond excels at setting a sonic atmosphere through the way he sculpts his songs alone. Wavesight is sexy without being explicit, heavy without dragging down the sound, and unified in sound without any one song sounding like a carbon of another.”
– Salacious Sound

“Paper Diamond is continuing his rise to glory with the release of his newest EP, Wavesight.”
– Less Than 3

“Can We Go Up” offers a choppy dance anthem, complete with Hoover synths and electonic strings, but rearranged for a hyper dance floor.”

– Interview Magazine

“‘Can We Go Up’ combines a lively electro-dubstep sound with a youthfil spirit that makes me want to jump on tables and start dancing… And as I’m dancing and singing along to this song, I feel as if eternal youth is not just a far fetched myth, but a reality.”
– Into The AM

Paper Diamond is also continuing his progression across the great expanse of America, taking his beats through Spring and into Summer. What’s especially been turning heads is his use of an iPad during his performances.

Paper Diamond will be stopping by Las Vegas, Baltimore, and many others in between. He will also be making appearences at several major festivals, including Wakarusa Music Festival, Electric Forest, Lollapalooza and Electric Zoo.


5/15 – Las Vegas, NV @ Ghost Bar
5/17 – 5/22 Pyramid Lake, NV @ Symbiosis Gathering
5/17 – 5/19 Gulf Shores, AL @ The Hangout Festival
5/31 – 6/3 – Ozark, AR @ Wakarusa Music Festival
6/9 – Baltimore, MD @ Starscape Festival
6/28 – 7/1 – Rothbury, MI @ Electric Forest
7/20 – Minneapolis, MN @ Global Dance Festival
7/27 – 7/29 – White River, OR @ What The Festival?!
8/3 – 8/5 – Chicago, IL @ Lollapalooza
8/9 – 8/11 – Beech Mountain, NC
9/2 – New York, NY @ Electric Zoo
9/28 – 29 – Atlanta, GA @ Counterpoint Festival



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