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Kastle’s Festival Decompression Mix Series

Kastle’s Festival Decompression Mix Series


October 4th, 2012

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Dub Selekta has posted the first in a series of mixes to aid in the decompression of all those insane summer festivals.  It’s a  slick mix from one of my current producers Kastle.  Kastle recently started Symbols Recordings with his girlfriend Joyce Su who is an amazing designer that has done several covers for Gravitas Recordings.  Kastle will be playing in Austin on October 17th with Applied Pressure and One4All.


01. Stimming – Change ft. Lazarusman
02. LOL Boys – Changes (Shlohmo Remix)
03. Fybe:One – So What
04. We Sink – Inside ft. Andrea
05. Clicks & Whistles – 2 Much Higher (XI Remix)
06. Ruddyp – Re/Mind
07. TCTS – Lookin 2 U
08. Tony Quattro – Doubt
09. Obey City – My RVM
10. Surkin & Todd Edwards – This Way
11. Figgy – Only You
12. Bambounou – Night
13. Plezier – That Was Me
14. Atlantic Connection – The Jump Off (Brent Still Life Remix)
15. Jason Burns & Brent Still Life – Right Here (We Sink Remix)
16. Troy Gunner – Heads In Hands
17. Swindle – Need To Know ft. Toddla T & Sam Frank
18. Para One – Lean On Me ft. Teki Latex (Salva Remix)
19. Frank Ocean – Pyramids (Kastle Remix)
20. Dauwd – What’s There
21. Koreless – Lost In Tokyo (Jacques Greene Remix)
22. Stickman – Known
23. Kastle & iO – Only You
24. XXYYXX – Overdone ft. Anneka

Please visit Dub Selekta and give them a look.

If you’re anything like us, you are probably reminiscing over this year’s festival season and feeling a little forlorn as you cruise through the showtime photos posted on respectful social media outlets. It’s true….. summer has finally abandoned us, we had our first frost this morning in Nelson and there is a report of snow falling in Calgary. Although, to honor what an amazing music filled summer 2012 was, the Dub Selekta crew has decided to put together a little ‘Decompression Series’ to ease your post-festival blues.

First up in our Decompression series is Kastle. We’re huge fans over here and to catch him at Shambhala’s Rock Pit stage was certainly a highlight of our festival tour. Playing a flossy set in the early hours of Saturday morning (Friday night), Kastle kept the audience energetic and captivated, even during the chill moments that reflected his “Coffee Shop At The End of The Universe” mixes. On top of all that this guy is a gent, and his hour long mix showcases the pure quality that we’ve come to associate with his artist name.

This mix, similar to what you would have heard if you caught him during his sets at Shambhala or Burning Man, is a great snapshot of Kastle’s sound. A plethora of bass heavy beats that shift between sounds that are more 4/4 house inspired to rolling snares and 808’s, the mix flows through sounds and tempo changes without a second glance. Fluid and graceful, while hard hitting and heavy when it needs to be, you’ll find lots of tracks from Kastle himself in addition to familiar names like SalvaJacques GreeneXIShlohmo and more. We bet you’ll be head bobbin in no time.

For more on Kastle, be sure to go and following him on his Facebook and Soundcloud pages. And if you’re anywhere near Toronto, Edmonton or Calgary, you can catch Kastle playing tonight (Oct 3rd) as well as Oct 18thand 19th respectively. Big ups to Kastle for working with us on this release, big thanks also goes out to Surefire, the Dub Selekta crew and Construct for the artwork. Big ups!



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