Never Give Up

Never Give Up


July 8th, 2014

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I’ve been reading a really great book called “Linchpin” by Seth Godin and he has a chapter on what he considers art and why it’s critical for the world and people lives. It inspired me to write my own thoughts which I originally posted to Facebook. I’ve gotten some amazing feedback so far, the post has gone somewhat viral and thought I’d post it here for safe keeping.

I’ve been seeing a lot of my music and artist friends posting about hard times and feeling like they want to give up on their art. In all honestly, being an artist is probably one of the hardest paths a person can take in this day and age. We all knew that when we set out on the path but the payoffs can also be pretty huge.

Also, we are in a difficult time for electronic music because the mainstream has begun to suck the art dry, to buy up and package it like oreo cookies so companies publicly traded on the NYSE can increase their bottom line.

We have a choice to make.

Now is the time to band together and support each other more than ever. Pour yourself into your art more than ever, double down, reaffirm your commitment to doing what you love and sharing it with others without expectations. You are gifted and it’s your gift to give.

Yes, money is a thing and we all have to make ends meet. Yes, it would be amazing to live comfortably off music production and for a select few, that can happen, but now more than ever, you can use your talents in many ways. Push yourself to learn a new skill to make those ends meet. Wake up earlier, work harder, work on your marketing, branch out and try a new angle. Get creative, get outside your comfort zone and network with people that are as ambitious and talented as you are. It takes a team to do something truly amazing these days. It’s all in the game, step up and don’t let the fear keep you down.

More than anything, I want to give a huge shout out to everyone out there going after their dreams and creating true art. For not taking the easy road, choosing to contribute something unique over and instead of being a gear in the machine of mindless consumerism. You are leading the way for the rest of us to a brave new world.

Thank You.



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