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ill-esha – Dominoes (Brede & The Digital Connection Remix)

ill-esha – Dominoes (Brede & The Digital Connection Remix)


August 23rd, 2014

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In 2008, I went to my first burn and it literally changed my life. Musically, I was frustrated and bored. I had cut my teeth in the progressive house scene with DJs like Sasha and Digweed, Chris Fortier and Sander Kleinenberg. I love a dark club with a driving beat. Burning Man changed all that. Hearing Bassnectar, Freq Nasty, Ana Sia and Vibesquad opened my eyes to a whole new world of music. Shortly after that, I discovered The Glitch Hop Forum and by 2011 I was totally into the scene and opening for acts like PANTyRAiD and Skrillex which then led to starting my label, Gravitas Recordings, and breaking artists like The Digital Connection, Cryptex, Perkulat0r and many more. Talk about a worthwhile “vacation”.

The Glitch Hop Forum still holds a very special place in my part. I got to interact with artist like Samples and ill-esha and learn about her production techniques. I got really into ill-esha’s music and became a huge fan. I loved her big beats, unique look and style. I first met ill-esha when I booked her to play my infamous annual boat party and we quickly became friends. Since then, Gravitas has released two of her full length albums and now her remix album for “Open Heart Surgery”.

So yeah, that’s the story and it goes without saying that I was absolutely honored to remix her song “Dominoes” with my good friend and amazing producer, Ricky Shine aka The Digital Connection.

Download the entire album here:

Album Description:

After the successes of her Open Heart Surgery LP, Canada-to-Colorado transplant ill-esha is back on Gravitas Recordings with a fresh collection of remixes for OHS. In contrast to the pure, heartfelt originals, these thirteen freshly re-imagined versions pack a serious punch, yet manage to maintain a soulful vibe throughout. The sultry songstress commissioned talent from around the world for the release, including Buku, Mr. Bill, Amp Live, and Russ Liquid, plus a ton of Gravitas favorites such as Psymbionic, ChrisB., CloZee, The Digital Connection, Perkulat0r and more. Arriving August 19th, the new album promises something for fans of both ill-esha’s vocal prowess as well as her hypnotic, bass-driven beats, and will be available as a pay-what-you-want download.

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