Back On Track
  • Genre:Bass
  • Release date:02 Jul 2013

Back On Track

My latest production is a mix of 65 BPM dub and switches up to 130 BPM break beat style electro bass and then back.  I love having tempo changes in my tunes. I think the drop hits pretty hard and a big ole thanks to Psymbionic for the mastering.

You can download the entire compilation for free:

Gravitas Recordings presents volume 2 in the “Virtus In Sonus” series. “Virtus In Sonus” means “Power in Sound” or “Virtue through Sound”. The 22 track compilation is a collection of tunes from up and coming and established producers that Gravitas believes exude integrity in their music and lives. This compilation is meant to be listened to from start to finish as a complete work. Notice how each song plays off the next, the ordering and flow is intentional.

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