Silent Frisco: Austin Session5 (3 nights) @ Wanderlust Live SXSW

Silent Frisco: Austin Session5 (3 nights) @ Wanderlust Live SXSW

  • Location:Austin, Tx
  • Venue:Wanderlust

Silent Frisco is proud to present their 5th foray into Austin’s vibrant arts scene ; SILENT FRISCO : AUSTIN SESSION5. For 2013 we are moving downtown to the sublime WANDERLUST LIVE space on 4th St. We are thrilled to be welcomed into this unique and sacred artspace. Silent Frisco and SunsetSF have worked to assemble yet another ‘once in a lifetime’ 3-night musical lineup, and will be unveiling quite a few visual thrills as well.

TICKETS: http://www.silentfrisco.com/
As always, Silent Frisco remains a no “sponsor”, no “branding”, no “industry” event and is not a “rave”. There IS a cover charge to cover our costs and this WILL SELL OUT so please PURCHASE ADVANCE at www.silentfrisco.com. We will also have a limited # of 3-night discount passes.

DETAILS: Silent Frisco is bringing the magic back to Austin with Silent Frisco : Austin Session5. After last year’s three sold-out blowouts at Austin Enchanted Forest and the three huge ACL events at Pine Street Station, Silent Frisco moves to its new home, WANDERLUST LIVE in the heart of downtown Austin. Running from 10pm till sunrise on Thursday-Saturday, March 14-16, these events aim to provide the Austin arts community with a pure-music, after-hours event. Unlike much of this week’s events, these are non-sponsored and unofficial events that are focused solely on the arts, the music and the communal experience. They will leverage the unparalleled sound, comfort and range of Silent Frisco’s unique “yellowjacket” twin-channel headphones, of which no more than THREE HUNDRED will be available.

::ROB GARZA (thievery corporation | esl-dc)
::KENTARO (ninja tune | japan)
::SHORTKUT (beat junkies | sfo)
::RHETTMATIC (beat junkies | l.a.)
::FORT KNOX 5, (fort knox recordings | dc)
::THUNDERBALL (esl records – dc)
::SABO(sol selectas | nyc)
::CHICO MANN (antibalas – nyc)
::SMALLTOWN DJs (calgary)
::KNIGHT RIDERZ (canada)
::QUICKIE MART(new orleans)
::DJ MANNY (austin)
::MOTION POTION (silent frisco | sfo)
::TUNAFIST (sex party | new orleans)
::LAFA TAYLOR (portland)
::MAX ULIS (canada)
::WAX ROMEO (canada)
::MAMA MICHE (canada)
::NICO LUMINOUS (los angeles)
::MANCUB (space cowboys | oakland)
::EXPO (rootdown | la)
::PLATURN (oakland faders)
::BIGFACE (austin)
::JESSE BREDE (austin)
::CONGO SANCHEZ (see-i/thievery corp | dc)
::S.P.E.C.T.R.E. (colorado)
::ULTRAVIOLET (trap city | sfo)
::$MALL $HANGE (nyc)
::KUNG FU CHRIS (new orleans)

To see who is playing on individual nights, check that show page (www.silentfrisco.com)

LINEUP DETAILS: Because the silent disco experience allows for detailed and direct connection between the listener and the performer, Silent Frisco’s lineups tend to favor the bold, eclectic and creative beat-slingers, crate diggers and code crunchers. This year’s run includes legendary outernational producers like Thievery Corporation’s ROB GARZA, Sol Selectas’ DJ SABO, Antibalas’ CHICO MANN, See-I’s CONGO SANCHEZ, and super-producer STEVE RASKIN who will play both a THUNDERBALL drum & bass set, and a party rocking FORT KNOX 5 dj set. Some of the world’s finest turntablists will be on-hand including two of the legendary Beat Junkies crew: DJ SHORTKUT and RHETTMATIC as well as Ninja Tune’s Japanese legend DJ KENTARO, and west coast phenoms PLATURN, EXPO, and DJ THEORY. Canada’s freshest sounds will be in full effect with KNIGHT RIDERZ, SMALLTOWN DJs, WAX ROMEO, and MAMA MICHE. New Orleans is throwing down the dirty-south gauntlet with QUICKIE MART, TUNAFIST (of Sex Party) and KUNG FU CHRIS. And don’t think Austin Texas won’t pick up said gauntlet with hometown heroes DJ MANNY, JESSE BREDE and BIGFACE on the scene. The “west coast bass” scene will be in full effect due to the presence of LAFA TAYLOR, NICO LUMINOUS, S.P.E.C.T.R.E. and ULTRA VIOLET. And then when you can’t stand another genre, and have no more edge to cut, the pure oldschool party-rocking of NYC’s $MALL $HANGE and Silent Frisco resident MOTION POTION and MANCUB (Space Cowboys) will go down like a home-cooked meal.

WE ARE 21+ THIS YEAR | We regret to inform that due to the smaller capacity and its proximity to the downtown scrutiny, SILENT FRISCO : AUSTIN5 will be a 21+ w/ID event. As always, Silent Frisco did its best to attempt to make this an all-ages event but we were not successful in this case. Our apologies to our under/21 fans.