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November 13th, 2009

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Symbiosis Gathering 2009 Compilation

Symbiosis Gathering 2009 Compilation

The Symbiosis Gathering 2009 Compilation brings the best of the West Coast music scene together on one solid compilation. Snag a copy at Addictech, I highly recommend it, the last track, Stripjoint Mathematics,  is worth the cost of the whole album.

1. Comfortably Crunk – An-ten-nae
2. Midnight Street – MO2
3. Skeleton Talk – The Flying Skulls (Licensed Courtesy Of Daly City Recordings)
4. Free Energy feat. Seasunz,Firewater, Wiseproof and New Eon – Knowa Knowone
5. Whats It Worth (Jaswho Remix) – Goddess Alchemy Project
6. Fractalscape – Heyoka
7. Oriental uno – feat. Fanfara Kalashniko – Beats Antique (taken From The Album, Contraption Vol. 1 2009)
8. San Francisco (The Rhythm) – Eskmo (Licensed Courtesy Of Ancestor Recordings)
9. Portomental (Ribotto remix) – Spystep
10. Lights In The Night – SexyTime
11. The Weebler – Eric Sharp & Bass Cadet
12. Subterfuge – Telepath
13. Stripjoint Mathematics (Worthy’s Back Room Remix) – Deepchild (appears courtesy of Anabatic Records)

Symbiosis Gathering in it’s 5th year has become a unique festival in Yosemite California featuring leading artists in a broad range of music styles including House, Electro, Dubstep, Breakbeat to Jamtronica and performance art groups like The Yard Dogs, artist Andrew Jones visual art project called, Phadroid and live painting by Alex Grey.
This year they contacted Muti Music to help put together a compilation featuring some of the stars and rising stars of the 2009 gathering and the result is nothing short of spectacular, Muti staples like An-ten-nae, Heyoka and Knowa Knowone are featured along with the likes of Eskmo, Beats Antique, Worthy and Goddess Alchemy Project, the compilation also features the debut release from Mimosa’s one side project with Sleepytime called, SexyTime. Pop it on and get ready for a diverse journey into festival style electronica.

Symbiosis Gathering 2009 from jdsvids on Vimeo.



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