Crash Alchemy Experiment – May 18th

Crash Alchemy Experiment – May 18th


May 9th, 2013

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A good friend and amazing performer, Agent Red, is putting together an amazing event on May 18th. There will a full showing of the video from her recent work “Land Without Evil” which was a multi-discipline performance art play that really impressed me. If you saw the show, then you already know. If you didn’t check out the video trailer below.

Land Without Evil Preview for May 18 Premier from Sarah Agent Red Johnston on Vimeo.

Event Info

Not only that, but there will be world-class performance and bizarre characters in an interactive environment as they take the stage off it’s pedestal and bring it right into your arms. The show will take place at a secret East Side location. You must RSVP to receive details.

Lounge with guests and interactive characters, be blown away by fire, aerial, dance, and other performers in custom-made costumes, feast your eyes on projection mapping and interactive technology, and enjoy homemade treats and libations presented throughout the evening.

Interactive elements including:

Projection Mapping from Datagrama || Interactive Sound and Technology from Yago De Quay || Music Deep from the vault of Bigface

With Special Performances by:

Crash Alchemy and Sky Candy Studio Performers


Agent Red’s triumphant return || Erinina Debuting Fire Trapeze in Austin || Michael Price || Poet || Madi Ward || Chelsea Laumen || Brynn Route || Zoey Betz || Phillip Kidfury || Guardian ||

With roaming performances from characters including:

Wine Jesus || Rovo || Caylin the Tantra Yogi || Grace the Apothecarian || Arm Wrestling With Uncle Joe Bones || Kanaska The Serenading Tattooist ||

You must RSVP to attend and the address and all event information will be emailed to you. This is a private event and all invited guests must check in with their email address. All donations go to the space and participating performers.

Direct from Agent Red

Read what Red had to say about the upcoming event and her triumphant return to Aerial after a devastating fall two years ago.

I am an artist!! And so are you…

Agent Red was a name given to me many years ago for so so many reasons that fit. One main one is that I see myself as someone who’s purpose it was to spread “benevolent propaganda”, to open the potential for positive change through the malleable state of entertainment. When we are being entertained, we are open and vulnerable to change and impression, there is an opportunity for positivity and learning in that space. Now I see things a little bit deeper…

I am pushing further from entertainment toward the realms of experience and interaction. Giving the “audience” responsibility to interact, using technology to make it simple and extend the reach, and using expression, art, and design as the endless medium under it all. I am currently inspired to focus on directing performances, experiences, and interactive shows, events, and installations through Clever Maven, continuing evolutions of Land Without Evil, and a new project in Austin, Crash Alchemy.

Crash Alchemy is where performance, music, fine art, and technology merge in an interactive environment. We are so excited to be previewing our amazing new cast and some new material in a preview of this new kind of event in Austin, TX on May 18, 2013 with the full video of the closing performance of Land Without Evil in Austin.

Plus, I will be performing an aerial routine for the first time since my injury two years ago. I’ll be using a mat and it’s never going to be the same, but I’m going to have a great time doing it, and so will the audience :) This isn’t something I necessarily plan on doing all the time, so if you are in Austin or can get here I’d love to share it with you.

Plus, I am finally finished editing the entire full-length performance of Land Without Evil on video and we’ll be screening it as well on the 18th! There’s a preview of it on vimeo here. We know more than a few people missed the original performance, or have a new interest inspired by the PBS Arts in Context episode. This video will not be put online anytime soon and this screening is an exclusive chance to see the entire show. Crash Alchemy will be creating an interesting environment for guest and it promises to be an amazing an unique experience. An RSVP is required at to attend this private event at a secret East Austin location. See you on the 18th!

Land Without Evil Premier



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