Review and Photos from Ascension’s R/D Show

Review and Photos from Ascension’s R/D Show


December 20th, 2013

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What a great night?!  Ascension Shows’ first event was well attended and the music was on point.  Galvanix and Diamond Cuts both brought great opening sets.  I played from 11:30 – 12:30 before R/D and 3 different photographers got some shots worthy of sharing. R/D played a wicked heavy set that left the crowd exhausted.  I was dumb and didn’t record my set but plan to record something similar to it in the coming holiday week.

Big thanks to Mario Villeda, Caley Goff and Johnathan Garza for the photos.903254_586038014782868_1287939904_o 858986_586037848116218_413155501_o 1039878_586036581449678_619022158_o 856220_586036791449657_1373858768_o 1500848_586036921449644_1550496800_o 1500986_586036931449643_838133809_o 1511601_586037118116291_703663162_o 1511996_586037184782951_815874412_o 1520639_10100743550166429_1286963857_n 1507701_10100743549707349_1792455221_n




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