BREDE live on

BREDE live on


February 19th, 2014

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When I first got into DJing in 1998, I was invited to check out this cool show that was being hosted in a studio in downtown Austin, Texas. I walked into the studio and had my mind blown. There was a DJ playing in front of a green screen with 2 camera’s filming and this huge computer doing visuals and mixing that where the green screen was. I think they were broadcasting at 56kbps. That show turned out to be which I then later went on to work for from 2004-2012. I became their site director and we grew the site from a small music video website into a video network that showed millions of videos a day. The video player above is something that I helped to code and is one of my better contributions to the technology world that a lot of people don’t even know I do.

So yeah, when I was asked to be one of the firsts guests on, I, of course, said yes. is the 2nd coming of what Blastro tried to do. Blastro started another company called Tour Gigs and they are filming major bands at some of the worlds best venues. Bands like Umphrey’s, Widesperad, STS9, and the Disco Biscuits. They are pushing the boundaries of what’s possible in the live streaming space and I predict they will do amazing things.

The night is filmed at a friends house which is an old 1970s dome house. A ton of friends from years past showed up, drank, danced, smoked and had fun. Big thanks to Casey Charvet, Scott Edmonson, Rob Campanell, Jeff Scroggin and everyone else that helped put on the event. My mix starts at around minute 35. Enjoy!



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